I cannot hide my enthusiasm for the second edition of “Confluence- the Festival of India” to be organized in the months of September-October 2017 across five major Australian cities.

“Confluence” essentially celebrates the vitality, credibility, and soft power of the culture of India, as passed down from one generation to another through an organic and live process. It is a credible effort to offer to the discerning and appreciative audience in Australia, and among the best creativity emerging in present-day India.

Indian cultural manifestations, drawing sustenance from its epic history, have emerged with their vibrant interpretation in various forms of creative and performing arts, literature, and oral storytelling and like pearls in the eternal necklace of time, maintained cultural continuity. Each generation brought in refinements to the arts – suitable to its genius and objective conditions. Scientific developments in contemporary times have been well blended by cultural impresarios to give effect and depth to the varied interpretations of the cultural repository that is India. The liberating forces of globalization have dispersed art and artefacts, crafts and compositions, textiles, and tastes, far and wide, which earlier had remained confined.

“Confluence”, incorporating the dynamism and vitality of the Indian subcontinent, manifesting in its science and technology, trade & commerce, education, and sports, would attempt to merge Australian aesthetics with Indian cultural efflorescence in Australia and I am sure, leave a deep imprint on the audience here. I hope the spirit of the Festival will transcend to the vital people-to-people bonds of trust and faith, which underwrite the growing interaction between Australia and India.