Yoga Science of infinite possibilities

The Vedanta Centre of Sydney in collaboration with S-VYAYA University of Yoga Sciences, India is organising an International Conference on the benefits of Yoga – Science of Infinite Possibilities. They have invited renowned Scientists, PhDs and Yoga professionals from S-VYASA University of Yoga Sciences – India, Harvard University – USA, Auckland – New Zealand, Sydney University, Monash University and Yoga Schools in Sydney and Queensland to present their research and findings and share their knowledge on how to manage a life of Wellness and Mindfulness.

The programme is planned with key plenary sessions and a choice of numerous breakout sessions providing for a range and breadth of knowledge and activities for your individual areas of interest. The programme addresses Depression, Mental Anxieties, ADHD in children, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Pranic Healing, Revitalising Energy, Sports Performance Enhancement and also the benefits of Yoga for Ageing, Women’s Health and General Wellness and Mindfulness.

The content of this conference research on the benefits of Yoga practices, breathing techniques, sports enhancement and wellness is significant for Medical and Nursing Professionals, HR Managers, Schools and Universities and related Educational Institutions, Aged Care Professionals, Yoga Therapy Practitioners and Individuals with interest in Wellness and Mindfulness.

For more information, please visit the  website and sign up to participate in this unique conference.


Event Schedule

Programme Subject to Change*
Date Venue City Timings Tickets
1st – 3rd Oct University of Western Sydney Sydney 9:30AM – 6:30PM Completed


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