Transposition The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust

The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust founded in 1986 by Dadi Pudumjee is one of India’s leading contemporary puppet theatres, committed to creating awareness, exposure and education to the multifaceted traditions and techniques of puppetry in India and the world.
The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust is known as one of India’s innovative modern puppet groups. The group has evolved through the years with Puppeteers, traditional artists, actors and dancers, creating a language of gesture – Ishara. The group has performed in many countries and organizes the only annual International puppet festival in India in collaboration with Teamwork.

Ishara’s puppet and dance version is based on Rashna Imhasly’s book “The Psychology of Love – Wisdom of Indian Mythology” where she has used both the versions from the Vetalapanchcavinasati and Thomas Mann’s “Transposed heads” continuation, as representative stories depicting the illusions of love. It deals with the duality of each person, between illusion and reality with stylized puppet archetypes and dancers, to a score composed and compiled by Sawan Dutta.

It’s a non-verbal -no text performance- to music with some narration in-between -poems and sayings from various poets including Rumi, Thomas Mann and others. “Transposition” features three large puppets and dancers with projections and a dramatic recorded music score with chants.


Event Schedule

Programme Subject to Change*
Date Venue City Timings Tickets
6th Oct (Transposition) His Majesty’s Theatre Perth 7:30PM Completed
12th Oct (Transposition) The Playhouse, Canberra Theatre Centre Canberra 7:30PM Completed
14th Oct (Puppet Procession By Ishara International Puppet Trust) MPavilion Melbourne 5:30PM Completed
15th Oct (Puppet Procession By Ishara International Puppet Trust) MPavilion Melbourne 3:00 – 3:45PM Completed
16th Oct (Transposition) Drama Theatre, Monash University Melbourne 3:00PM Completed


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