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Australia and India are united by their passion for the colonial game, Cricket. The strength of this relationship stems from the long history of cooperation between the two countries, which goes well beyond Cricket and includes their shared experience in the trenches of World War I in Gallipoli. The Indian participation at Gallipoli is only now becoming apparent. The Indians fought alongside the ANZACs in the trenches and on the front line in the process thousands perished and several thousand more were either wounded or scarred for life.

The Cricket Connects exhibition, drawing on a range of archival sources, images, documentary, visual and audio, supplemented with touch screen and interactive multimedia, quizzes, will highlights the distinctive value of cricket in illuminating this long standing relationship between India and Australia. The exhibition, under 10 distinct sections including sections on Cricket during the age of Empire, the first Australian tour to India and India’s tour to Australia in 1947-48 and Bradman’s unique distinction of scoring 100 hundreds and back to back centuries, the Pinnacle of Success, the Forgettable and unforgettable moments, the Cricket Gods, Bilateral ties, the IPL, the cricketing heroes from both sides, will highlight the passion and love for cricket in both India and Australia.

The Bradman Foundation is a not for profit charitable trust supported by Sir Donald Bradman to honour and strengthen the game. The Foundation seeks to ensure that Bradman’s name is forever synonymous with cricket, as a cultural institution promoting his legacy through the Museum’s collection, youth education and university scholarship programs and other philanthropic endeavours.


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20th – 27th Oct Arthur Morris Room, Sydney Cricket Ground Sydney 10:00AM – 4 :00PM Completed


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