Khadi Fashion Showing By Sunaina Suneja

KHADI: Historic Context Contemporary Relevance

Hand spun hand-woven cloth in India  is known as khadi.  The word itself recalls the final 30 years’ history of India’s freedom struggle. Since Independence it has co-existed peacefully along with other fabrics but with its history intact in the consciousness of the people. It is today  being recognized  as a major player in the fashion system,  an eco-friendly  natural –fibre fabric.  Sunaina Suneja’s  first passion is  Khadi  amongst all the traditional textiles of India that she so loves to work with . She takes us through her personal journey with the fabric, and brings to the fore the renewed  interest  in it. A fashion event showing  comprise of  styles will   attest to khadi’s versatility and appeal:  handmade with natural fibres, khadi  lends itself especially to casual chic collections marked by minimalism which is in itself inherently KHADI.

Fashion Show at IABCA

A fashion event would comprise of styles targeting an Australian audience which would also attest to khadi’s versatility and appeal. Handmade with natural fibers, khadi can be designed and shaped into a variety of garments wearable anywhere in the world. It lends itself especially to casual chic collections marked by minimalism which is in itself inherently KHADI.

The India Australia Business & Community awards( IABCA)  raises awareness of Indian Australians and Australians in India  and encourages further growth in relations between the two countries. It enhances and recognises existing investment initiatives, from commerce to culture.
This national initiative now in its third year celebrates migrant entrepreneurship and continues to engage, connect and recognise the role played by Australian Indians in shaping this nation through an awards ceremony. IABCA welcomes Sunaina Suneja’s collection as a ramp show on the night of the gala, Friday 28 October 2016 at the Four Points Sheraton, 161 Sussex Street,  Darling Harbour NSW

About the Curator

Sunaina Suneja has been working with khadi for thirty years now, advocating its wearability and its message through published articles, TV interviews, talks, exhibitions, fashion shows and presentations aimed at an Indian and international clientele. Developed over the years through hands-on work with craftspeople, she brings her own aesthetic sensitivity, appreciation and respect of traditional crafts onto the canvas of khadi. She has also worked extensively with other textile crafts of India, most prominently, indigo and the revival of an essential aspect of Phulkari embroidery in the villages of Punjab.

Some major exhibitions over the years dedicated to khadi include:

  • Indian Embassy and World Bank, Washington DC
  • Santa Fe International Folk Art Market
  • A solo exhibition at Santa Fe Museum
  • French Ambassador’s Residence, New Delhi
  • The Election Collection 2009
  • An annual collection in Delhi to celebrate Khadi under the label August Khadi

Event Schedule

Programme Subject to Change*
Date Venue City Timings Buy Tickets
28th Oct (Fashion Show) Four Points by Sheraton (IABCA) Sydney 6:30PM Completed

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