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Piya Behrupiya

“Piya Behrupiya is such a hilarious and enjoyable play that at the end of two hours, you still want more. Thereâ...

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Pung Cholom

The pung or the Manipuri drum is the soul of Manipuri Sankirtana music and classical dance. A cylindrical instrument, ma...

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Event Schedule

Date Act Venue Timings Tickets
22nd Sept Pung Cholom Elder Park, Adelaide 7:00 PM Completed
22nd Sept The Raghu Dixit Project Elder Park, Adelaide 8:00PM Completed
23rd Sept Piya Behrupiya (Twelth Night) Ukiyo Tent, Elder Park, Adelaide 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM Completed
24th Sep Piya Behrupiya (Twelth Night) Ukiyo, Adelaide Festival Centre 5:00 PM Completed